Training 66&11 kV OHTL Design Using PLS-CADD

Training Course Description

The purpose of this course is to teach you how to use the PLS-CADD computer program. This computer lab course includes background theory and hands-on computer modeling. Lectures will present the basic concepts, and computer exercises will illustrate them. Numerous case studies will provid_pelatihane a range of real-life examples.

Course Objectives

  • Apply and gain a good working knowledge on 66&11 kV OHTL design using PLSCADD.
  • Recognize terrain modeling covering the various aspects including organizing. project files, viewing commands, opening of windows and viewing of phases and sags.
  • Prepare a terrain model, generate and edit features codes data and import XYZ terrain models.
  • Create alignments, profiles and sid_pelatihane profiles, multiple alignment options, TIN terrain models and break lines.
  • id_pelatihanentify where to get conductor data and the design criteria to limit the Aeolian vibration
  • Determine conductor design and modeling and id_pelatihanentify the various conductor types, permanent deformation from overloading and creep, effects of high temperature on creep and strength reduction, aluminum in ACSR conductors, conductor model in PLS-CADD 4 and stress strain charts.
  • Illustrate structural design of poles, towers and frames of different materials and apply structures modeling by allowable spans, sag and tension calculation and optimum structure spotting.

Who Should Attend?

  • Structural engineers
  • Consulting engineers
  • Design and drafting technicians
  • Construction engineers

Training Course Details/Schedule

  • Integrated and computerized aspects of line design
  • PLS-CADD system
  • PLS transmission structure programs
  • The specific functions of PLS-CADD
  • List the three dimensional engineering model
  • Terrain modeling covering the various aspects
  • The necessary data needed for terrain modeling
  • Perform proper surveying techniques
  • Prepare a terrain model
  • Generate and edit features codes data
  • Import XYZ terrain models
  • Create alignments sid_pelatihane profiles
  • Multiple alignment options
  • TIN terrain models and break lines
  • Differentiate XYZ and user-defined data
  • Filter XYZ data
  • Attach DXF and bitmaps to plan
  • Generate, edit or import PFL terrain models
  • Illustrate line routing and design
  • Conductor design and modeling
  • The various conductor types
  • Permanent deformation from overloading and creep
  • Effects of high temperature on creep and strength reduction
  • Aluminum in ACSR conductors
  • Conductor model in PLS-CADD 4
  • Stress strain charts
  • Get conductor data
  • Design criteria to limit the Aeolian vibration.
  • Temperature, ampacity and line thermal rating
  • Constructions documents
  • Structural design of poles, towers and frames of different materials
  • Apply structures modeling by allowable spans
  • Sag and tension calculation and optimum structure spotting.
  • Complete and detailed profile and plan drawings,
  • Modeling existing lines, assessment and refurbishing, automatic optimum spotting
  • Steel latticed tower analysis and design.
  • Apply hands-on training
  • Implement the design principle using PLS-CADD software
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