Training Clastic Sedimentology Characterization

Course Description

This course will cover plate tectonics and mountain building, volcanoes and earthquakes,
Various rock types and characteristics, the geometry of the major structures and the techniques used to evaluate them within the petroleum industry will be covered. There will  be a review of sedimentary environments and processes of erosion, transport and deposition of sediments by water and wind. The course includes a field trip.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding plate tectonic theory
  • Understanding properties of the Earth’s plates
  • Understanding features and geometries of faults and folds
  • Understanding techniques of strain analysis
  • Understanding various sedimentary environments

Who Should Attend?

  • Geologists
  • Exploration engineers
  • Petroleum geologists
  • Petrophysicists
  • Geophysicists
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Seismic interpreters involved in exploration
  • Anyone who concerned in geology or tectonic plates

Course Details/Schedule

Geology in General:
  • Earth structure
  • Plate tectonics
  • Volcano & earthquakes distributions
  • Fundamental rock types
  • Geological time scale and rock age dating
  • Stratigraphic time breaks & discontinuities
  • Geological principles
Structural geology:
  • Principle compressive stresses and their relations to rock deformation
  • Scales of deformation
  • Faulting styles
  • Fractures and detection methods
  • Structural Style and Stress Fields, Folds, Faults, Unconformities, Fractures Hydrocarbon Traps
Sedimentary rocks:
  • Sedimentary rock properties
  • Sediment life history
o Weathering
o Transport
o Deposition
o Cementation
  • Sedimentary rock types
o Clastic
o Chemical
o Biochemical
Depositional environments:
  • Continental:
o Fluvial
o Alluvial
o Glacial
o Eolian
o Lacustrine
o Paludal
  • Transitional:
o Deltaic
o Esturine
o Lagoonal
o Beach
  • Marine:
o Shallow marine clastic
o Carbonate shelf
o Continental slope
o Deep marine
  • Sedimentary facies
  • Energy of depositional environment
  • Sedimentary structures
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