Training Flow Assurance for Oil and Gas Production System

Course Description

This course is designed to provid_pelatihane an understanding of flow phenomena and pipeline optimization that can help participants avoid_pelatihan problems such as hydrates, corrosion, or startup/shutdown issues. This course will also address several critical problems in obtaining pipeline flow assurance.

Course Objectives

  • id_pelatihanentifying the challenges and provid_pelatihane the solutions to flow assurance pipeline system in order to utilize the knowledge of pipeline design and slugging flows.
  • Planning effective flow pattern by understanding the systematic concept of flow assurance and phase behavior of multiphase flow.
  • Applying competently the fundamental principles of fluid_pelatihan mechanics, heat and mass transfer to analyze typical flow assurance system.
  • Designing basic flow assurance system and efficient operability by understanding the production chemistry.
  • Improving flow management in production system by learning various system analysis software applications.
  • Gaining knowledge in subsea separation and boosting, multiphase metering and production equipment in order to design an efficient subsea system.

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Consultants and Contractors
  • Service Provid_pelatihaners
  • Who wish to understand the technical issues in the Flow Assurance for Pipeline Systems

Course Details/Schedule

Training Hydrocarbon chemistry and basic phase behaviour:

  1. Composition and classification of crude oils:
  • Alkenes
  • Alkynes
  • Cyclic Aliphatics
  • Aromatics
  1. Hydrocarbon mixture classification and phase diagram:
  • Dry Gas
  • Wet Gas
  • Retrograde Gas
  • Volatile Oil
  • Black Oil
  1. Solid_pelatihan Precipitation:
  • Petroleum Wax
  • Asphaltene Deposits
  • Gas Hydrates
  • Scale
  1. Fluid_pelatihan Sampling Benefits to flow assurance

Training Topics in Asphaltene Flow Assurance:

  1. Field implication of Asphaltene flow assurance issues
  2. What are Asphaltene
  3. Asphaltene properties
  4. Mechanism of Asphaltene deposition:
  • Asphaltene Precepitation
  • Asphaltene Flocculation
  • Asphaltene Adsorption
  • Surface control and adhesion
  1. Measurements methods and analysis of Asphaltene
  • SARA (Saturates, Aromatics, Resins, Asphaltenes)
  • AOP (Asphaltene Onset Pressure)

Training Topics in Wax Flow Assurance

  1. Field implication of Wax flow assurance issues
  2. What waxes are?
  3. Phase behavior of wax
  4. Experimental methods to determine the phase behavior of waxes
  • Wax appearance temperature (WAT)
  • Pour point (PP)
  • Gel Strength

Training Topics in Hydrates Flow Assurance

  1. Field implication of Hydrates flow assurance issues
  2. What Hydrates are?
  3. Hydrates plug prevention in pipe lines.
  4. Hydrates remediation methods
  5. Experimental methods to determine the phase behavior of Hydrates
  6. Scale formation mechanism and methods of prevention.

Training Flow Assurance for Subsea Development:

  1. OLGA Software Demonstration
  • Modelling in OLGA.
  • Case studies.
  1. Subsea Separation and Boosting
  • Managing system energy.
  • Multiphase pump types.
  • Experience with multiphase boosting.
  • Description of subsea separation technologies.
  • Experience with subsea separation.
  1. Multiphase Metering
  • Why we measure production rates.
  • Advantages of multiphase metering.
  • The technical challenges.
  • The terms and definitions.
  • The technology status.
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