Training Organisation and Relationship Systems in the Workplace

Pelatihan Organisation and Relationship Systems in the Workplace


The workplace is changing at an increasingly faster rate. The Internet, technology, job design, forms of work, employee attitudes and behaviour, technology, even artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the very meaning of work. The structure, content, and process of work have changed. Work is no more team-based and collaborative, more cognitively complex and facing change at speed never before witnessed. If an organisation is going to prosper over the next decade, it is vital that leaders or all disciplines understand the need to redesign and improve organisation and relationship systems in their workplace.

This Organisation and Relationship Systems in the Workplace training course will provid_pelatihane a focus on issues about the changing work environment, leading the next generation of workers, and improving workplace relationships and teams. This is a very innovative training course that will add value to the participants, their teams and their organisations.

Participants will develop the following competencies:

  • Understand the key drivers for change
  • id_pelatihanentity changes in organisational structure and relationships
  • How to improve communication in any organisation
  • How to manage and lead change in the workplace
  • Understand team dynamics and high-performance teams


This training course is suitable for a broad range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All Leaders and Managers in any organisation
  • Those working in organisations wanting to increase their people and leadership skills
  • Human Resources (HR) personnel at all levels
  • Technical professionals who need better people management skills
  • Anyone responsible for the management or leadership of change in their organisation


  • Describe the significant changes impacting on the workplace
  • Discuss ‘best practices’ in teamwork and organisational design
  • Apply knowledge to increase worker retention
  • Differentiate between change management and change leadership
  • Design communication systems to enhance organisational systems


How Work is Changing for Individ_pelatihanuals and Teams

  • The key drivers for the changing nature of work
  • Technology and work – robotics, AI and the future
  • The new “psychological contract” between employees and employers
  • Understanding how teams develop
  • High-performance teams

Changes in Organisational Structure and Design

  • The ‘Flexible Firm’ Model
  • Reduced hierarchical structure – matrix structures
  • Self-managed and self-directed teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Essential people skills for effective Cross-Functional Management

Changes in Workplace Relationships

  • The next generation or workers – Generations X, Y & Z
  • Outsourcing, contracting and the ‘gig’ economy
  • The importance of empowerment and engagement
  • Empowering employees with transformational leadership
  • Improving workplace communication systems

Managing and Leading Change in the Workplace

  • Approaches to organisational change
  • The difference between change management and change leadership
  • Change at the individ_pelatihanual, team and organisational level
  • The psychological phases of change and their effective management
  • Best practice in change leadership

Retaining Talented Workers and Managing Workplace Conflict

  • Myths and facts about employee motivation
  • Retention best practice
  • Managing workplace conflict to improve workplace relationships
  • Developing a collaborative approach to workplace conflict
  • Personal action planning


General Notes

  • All our courses can be facilitated as Customized In-House Training course.
  • Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.
  • As for Open Enrolment Courses, we offer our clients the flexibility to chose the location, date, and time and our team of experts who are spread around the globe will assist in facilitating the course.
  • The course fee includes facilitation, training materials, 2 coffee breaks, buffet lunch and a Certificate of successful completion of Training.
  • FREE Consultation and Coaching provid_pelatihaned during and after the course.


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