Training Port Development and Control

Training Port Development and Control (Pelatihan Pengembangan dan Kontrol Pelabuhan)

Course Description

This course aims at acquainting the student with the basics of port management and feasibility of port investments. In this context, the issues such as port site selection, port concession decisions, port profitability, port construction and maintenance methods, port site planning, etc. will be explored.

Course Objectives

  • Surveying port and terminal operations
  • Understanding legal and bureaucratic procedures in ports and terminals
  • Provid_pelatihaning information about ports traffic control
  • Provid_pelatihaning information about environmental protection
  • Understanding Human Resources management of ports
  • Understanding basic parameters of port investment

Who Should Attend?

  • Seafarers / Naval Architects
  • Harbor masters / State Employee in Transportation and Shipping Fields
  • Shipping Sector Administrators and Personnel
  • Transportation Administrators and Personnel
  • Transportation and Shipping Sector Representatives (Government, Businesses, NGOs)
  • Transportation and Shipping Sector Investors

Course Details/Schedule

  • Port, marina, coast and city integration
  • Port performance analysis and public port privatization issues
  • Macro-Level Inter-modality planning
  • Port Human Resource management
  • Port equipment planning
  • Port quality management
  • Marina management
  • Environmental protection and shipping
  • Port users and their agents
  • Owners and landlords vs. operators
  • Management structures, ports personnel, roles and functions
  • Freight station operations
  • Navigation and traffic control
  • Ship stowage planning