Training Well Logging Quality Control

Course Description

This short course introduces fundamental log quality control concepts for all open hole logs usually run in wells. The participants will learn how to effectively control the quality of all logs in real time. The exercises are developed with actual logs ran in real wells, so the participants will be exposed to log quality control on real data. At the end of the course the participants will be trained to perform log quality control on real time at wellsite as well as post-morten in the office. Furthermore, this course establishes some general guid_pelatihanelines for conducting logging operations, reviewing tool calibrations, monitoring survey progress, calculating shale volume, porosity, water saturation, and permeability from older open and cased hole well logs. Integration and calibration to modern tests, and production data will a stressed.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding what older logs really measured
  • Understanding the rock/fluid_pelatihan model for log analysis
  • Provid_pelatihaning "computer ready" mathematics
  • Gaining insight into rock quality versus well performance
  • Answering oriented results, with quality control guid_pelatihanelines
  • Defining basic survey parameters, establishig log scales,
  • Understanding how to monitor tool responses
  • Understanding how to confirm the valid_pelatihanity of the data acquired from commonly used logging devices.

Who Should Attend?

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Petrophysicists
  • Technicians/ Managers, if they are exposed to (or use) well-hole logs in their daily work.

Course Details/Schedule

  • Electrical Survey
  • Spontaneous Potential
  • Induction Logs
  • Laterologs
  • Micro Resistivity Logs
  • Sonic Logs
  • Density Logs
  • Density Logs
  • Neutron Logs
  • Gamma Ray Logs
  • Modern Resistivity Inversion Software
  • Shale Volume
  • Pore Volume
  • Porosity From The Neutron Log
  • Porosity from ES and Micrologs
  • Maximum Porosity Method
  • Water Resistivity From Catalog or DST Recovery
  • Water Resistivity From Water Zone (R0 Method)
  • Water Resistivity From Spontaneous Potential
  • Water Saturation from Archie Method
  • Water Saturation from Simandoux Method
  • Water Saturation from Dual Water Method
  • Water Saturation From Buckles Number
  • Water Saturation and Porosity from Ratio Method
  • Irreducible Water Saturation
  • Permeability and Productivity
  • Permeability From Wyllie-Rose Method
  • Permeability From Porosity
  • Calibrating to Modern Logs and Core Data
  • Case Histories
  • Feature: Analyzing Russian Style Logs
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